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Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains Frequently Asked Questions about the Cygnet trailer manufactured in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada from 1970 - 1976. These trailers were based on the Cygnets built by Stephens & West Ltd. of Cirencester, Gloucester, England. Many English components were used in the Canadian trailers.

If you have more questions or answers to add to this document, send them to Daniel MacKay.

Q: What is the 4 bolt wheel pattern is on the 16ft 1975 Cygnets?

A by Bill Jarvis: The 4-bolt wheels on our 1975 Cygnet have adjacent holes centered 4 inches apart, and opposing holes centered 5½ inches apart.
A by Daniel MacKay: My tires on the wide-bolt 4-bolt hub, are Canadian Tire P185/75R14s; looking at the Canadian Tire catalog there are a number that could fit ranging from $60 to $100.

Where can I get a spare rim for my Cygnet trailer?

A:, "Wheels" Section

Q: When I get a trailer hitch installed on my car, what do I need to tell the installer?

A: First check your hitch; it will either be a 1 7/8" ball or 2" ball. Tell the installer that you want the centre of the ball 15.5" above the ground; if it's an inch or so higher it's OK, because it'll come down with the tongue weight and your camping equipment. Tongue weight is 140lbs. Total weight of the trailer is under 2000lbs.

You should look at the electrical hookup, you may need an adaptor. (I just cut the old one 1970s style off and put on a modern one.)

Q: Where can I get spare / repair parts?

A by Daniel MacKay: First check The Parts Page
A by Austin Richardson: check

Q: Is there a fix for the cracks above the door in the square door models?

A by Bill Jarvis: Cover the crack with silicone.

Q: Has anyone else encountered a shrinking of the window seal?

A1: Bill Jarvis: I took it to Speedy Auto Glass and had them remove the window and re-install it using urethane.
A2: Earle Fraser: I used clear silicone caulking and filled the gap and the spaces in the corners.

Q: How do I know what size Cygnet I have?

A1: Measure it from tip of the hitch to the bumper.
A2: Look at the serial number; the first two digits indicate the year.

Q: Where do I find the serial number on my Cygnet?

A: On the inside of the tongue, near the jack.

Q: How do I interpret my trailer's VIN / Serial Number?

A: By Bill Jarvis, Earle Fraser, Daniel MacKay
Each part of the VIN/Serial number tells you about the trailer:

75 148 18 6B D
^ ^ ^ ^ + Deluxe
| | | +—— Six Berth
| | +—————— 18 foot
| +—————————— 148th trailer made that year
+————————————— Year of manufacture

Or: 76D164243: 1976, Deluxe, 16', 4-berth, Serial# 243

Unanswered Q'S

Q: What holds the windows in? How do I remove them?