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Reproduction '74 - '75 Manual

Reproduction '74 - '75 Manual
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Hi guys, we are the happy owners of a first edition 1974 16' Cygnet trailer. In vwery good condition but has to be reviewed totaly. fridge, stvoe and frunace never used in the last 21 years. Already have new cushions in blue. Will be coupled to my 1993 Dark Blue Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon.
Working in the interior for now. Front wall removed to replace some wood. Floor is perfect as is the frame and underneath.
Will send you pictures later. Just need the owner's manual for now. All the hinges, locks, keys in very good condition. Same for the windows and screens who are perfect. This trailer always slept inside the last 21 years and was rarely used. Thanks for that website. It helped me a lot in my decision to buy the Cygnet trailer.
Michel Jodoin
27 chemin de Hatley
Compton QC J0B 1L0
(819) 835-1203